Service provided by Police

A. Telecommunication Services.
B. IT Services.
C. Wireless Communication Training.
D. IT Training.

Best Practics of Police T&IM

Telecommunication Services
Police T&IM installs nationwide wireless communication system for Bangladesh Police and ensures the maintenance and repair of that wireless communication systems.
Police T&IM procures and supplies all the required wireless communication devices among all the Police units.
Police T&IM also provides state-of-the art telecommunication systems to all the UN Mission contingents of Bangladesh police.
Police T&IM ensures the message transmission within all police units using secured HF and VHF networks.
Police T&IM provides new telephone connection and ensures its maintenance.

IT Services
Police T&IM ensures the internet connection for all the district wireless communication centers and ensures the message transmission using dedicated e-mail system.
Police T&IM installs Local Area Network (LAN) for all the units of Bangladesh Police and ensures its maintenance.
Police T&IM provides all type of supports regarding computer hardware & software troubleshooting and installation.
Police T&IM is responsible for all types of customized application/ office automation system installation and its maintenance for Bangladesh police.

Wireless Communication Training
Training school of police T&IM provides wireless communication basic training for the wireless communication operators.
Police T&IM provides Radio Mechanic training for the maintenance of wireless communication system.
Police T&IM also provides training of Mast Mechanic etc.

IT Training
Police T&IM is also committed to enhance the IT related capabilities of Bangladesh police and provides different IT training to the members of Bangladesh police. Police T&IM provides
Basic IT Training.
Basic Networking training.
Training on Ms-Office